KRD Builders, INC.

Build With Pride NH

Through the years I have recruited the best sub-contractors in the business. Between myself, my employees, and my subcontractors, there is no weak link. I personally work on every job site. In the past I have framed, roofed, sided, sheet-rocked, done custom finish work, painting, built cabinets, and installed floors. I have worked with all of my subs to become familiar with all aspects of the job. Most of my competitors have no experience in these fields. There are very few questions that I could not answer about structure and mechanicals. It is a testament to my time in the field. I still drive a pick up truck with a toolbox and rack. Many of the tools on the job sites have my name on them. Once again, a testament to my time in the field and on the job site- something my competitors do not have.

After 35 years I am predominantly a custom home builder although we still do a percentage of remodeling, basements, decks, and other projects. By being on the job I can earn my pay, which is a savings to the customer by eliminating the general contractor fee.

Through the years I’ve certainly had challenges but following my father’s words have become much more qualified. I believe there is nothing I can’t do. I believe at all times the glass is half full. I’ve been fortunate to establish a client base of high-end quality homes. This has put KRD in a position to use the imagination of the customer, as well as my own, to create beautiful products with outstanding finish work which is testament to our unique creativity.

If you are looking for a company that will build a superb product and work closely with you to satisfy and customize your needs from conception to completion as well as a builder whom himself is hands on, please consider contacting KRD Builders Inc.

"Difficulty strengthens the mind as labor does the body"